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 (Mark) Shane Phillips
                                                                                               (The One Man Band)

Mark Shane Phillips was born on February 12, 1950 in Parkersburg West Virginia, and at 3yrs old came to Cleveland, Ohio.  By sixth grade it was clear that he was a natural entertainer, performing at coffee houses,talent shows, and school dances.  In tenth grade he saved enough money to record his first record, ‘My Summer Love’. 
After high school he went to Vietnam and took his talent with him to perform for Troops all over North and South Vietnam, sometimes two shows a day.  After his time in the army, he went to South Florida where he met up with his partner, fellow musician, Stet Blancett, and together the two built a southern rock band,called SouthBound and did gospel music as well.  An Album called  (Time to Build) was recorded, one of Shane’s favorites.  He also opened for the great Lynyrd Skynyrd . 
Shane moved on to Nashville, and for three years performed at the Ronnie Stoneman’s club.  He appeared on ‘Spotlight on talent’, a local television show.  After rubbing elbows with country music legends, he left the country to perform all over North Canada. There he Recorded another single Called (Haven't seen Mama in years) then returning to Nashville where he recorded his hit song, ‘Holding on’.
Shane made his way back to Cleveland,  perfoming in he's first big venue Concert opening for the Great Ed Shaunessey,Johnny Carson's  The Tonight Show Drummer.. Then for the next 30 years devoting his time to the elderly, playing in over 45 different nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals.  In Aug. of 1988 he wrote a song Called (Thanks to the Lady) went National in the Top 100 of Cashbox and Billbroad Magazine..went to #83 and stayed in the charts for 8 weeks..                                 
Also in 1988 Shane performed for the Viet Nam Troops once again, in (Fire Base Cleveland) a Parade and Concert with the head liner (Charlie Daniels) Shane, says it was a Great preforming in front of a 100,000 people.   Shane also played for 3 years at the Cleveland Rib Burn-offs downtown..opening for numerous Stars..Besides performing at country clubs, golf courses, and for corporate parties he continued performing the local scene doing live pre-game shows for the Cleveland Cavaliers for three years, sang the national anthem at Tiger Stadium, and wrote the number one song for the Cleveland Indian’s 1995 season, ‘Shane’s grand slam’, voted number one on ABC News Channel 5.  He also recorded three other albums, (Sent to me), (All American boy), and a cover album featuring one of his favorites, Jimmy Buffett. 
For the past two years, he has been sailing around the world performing on cruise lines such as MSC cruise lines opening for  the (Bellamy Brothers),  then 2 weeks later opening for the Famous( Letterman)  and the Bahama Celebration Cruise line.  His performances are full of life and spirit, and his special gift for drawing the crowd in is known where ever he goes.
Mark Shane Phillps has been performing for over 40 years.. Welcome Welcome
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Fresh Squeezed (Label)Holdin On  (Record) Thanks To the Lady  (Record)My Life,My Love, My Song  (Record)
Sent To Me (Album)Shane & Stet  Back to Back (Album)Shane & Stet  (Album) Shane & Stet  (Molly Hatchet Show)
Shane Phillips  ( ONE MAN BAND)All American Boy (C.D.) All American Boy Sent To Me  (C.D.)
Sent To Me  (C.D.)
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